Social Work

How Can a Social Worker Help You?

Social Work Therapy

Our Croften Care social workers are trained in many different areas and with different interventions. Commonly they all work toward improving the social experience of the people we support. Often the regular sessions work toward goals in new and innovative ways that promote engagement where other providers might be struggling.

Emotional regulation in different environments requires co-regulation with a trusted, attuned and safe person. People with a disability have sometimes had many poor experiences with people who they trusted, this means it is often important for the therapist to take a tailored approach with unconditional acceptance and curiosity.

Croften Care Social Workers take their time to build therapeutic relationships that form the foundation for change and improvement in social settings. It is the learning we do in therapy with the people that we support that helps to inform all service providers and families on how to support this person in the way they want and need to be supported - driving movement toward goals!

Functional Assessment for Housing Options and Support Needs

Do you need help to provide evidence to the NDIS on what your adaptive skills are? Adaptive skills are the skills we use for our everyday functioning - what we need to look after ourselves. These skills can change over time and can be taught and modified. When we report to NDIS on what you are ACTUALLY able to do this can help them to see what level of support you need to live safely in a way you choose. For example, you might need SIL support with a passive overnight, or you might just need a few hours of support each day.

Comprehensive NDIS Plan Evaluation

Do you need help to make the most out of your NDIS journey? The Comprehensive NDIS Plan Evaluation is an advocacy report that demonstrates to the NDIS the need for a certain level of funding to keep you safe and happy. These reports are often prepared to help participants coming into a Plan Review or those who need to lodge a Change of Circumstances to gain additional funds.

Learning and School Engagement

Access Adventure Therapy

Croften Care combines comprehensive therapeutic and ethical frameworks with elements of contact with nature, normally in small groups or 1:1 with an element of overnight stay.

If you want to come on a healthy adventure we support you to connect this experience with your life story. This integration can help you to understand your life and how your disability fits within it. These interventions are tailored to your specific needs and a lot of work is done before and after to make sure we have the best chance of working toward your goals.