Short Term Accommodation (STA) and Respite

Short term accommodation (STA), including respite care, allows you and the people that care about you to have a break and change of scenery. It might mean that you are able to stay in a home in a new town or in a holiday park close to home and supports.  

You might get the chance to try new things, have some awesome experiences and develop your confidence and skills. Meanwhile, the people that care about you also get a chance for their own break! 

Caregiving is such an important role but it can also be really difficult and time consuming. It’s important for the well-being of everyone that caretakers can take a break, and participants can gain quality care in a new environment. 

Croften Care want to look after you and the people that care about you. We offer respite services in multiple locations across Adelaide. 

What will respite or STA cost me? 

For eligible participants with Core Funding the cost of the STA (respite) comes straight from the NDIS Plan – there are no out of pocket expenses. The cost charged to the NDIA plan includes the accommodation, food and planned activities! We can take you to interesting places and build on the things you love. 

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