Feedback and Complaints

All people living with a disability have the right to make complaints about the supports they are receiving. Acknowledging and responding to complaints positively is an essential component of safe and high-quality service delivery. 

We value every piece of feedback we get even if it is a complaint! 

Why do we value feedback and complaints so much? 

What we don’t know, we can't fix! 

The more people that take the time to let us know what we are doing well or NOT well the more opportunities we have to improve the way we work and help people just like you. 

To provide feedback please fill out the Feedback and Complaints Form

Click here if you want to read the Easy to Read version of the Feedback and Complaints Policy. 

What if I want to complain to someone else, and not Croften Care?

You can make a complaint directly to the NDIS Commission if you want to. They welcome any and all feedback and complaints from you, your family, carers, community members or anyone worried about what is happening for a person with a disability. You can also watch a video created by the Quality and Safeguard Commission on submitting complaints by following this link.

What's the easiest way to provide feedback or a complaint to Croften Care?

The easiest way to make a complaint is to complete the Feedback and Complaints Form. This can be done anonymously if you want. You can also call us on 1800 319 858 or via email at