Supported Independent Living

One of the best things about getting NDIS funding for Supported Independent Living (SIL) is that it can be used to help you become more independent. 

SIL is a program offered by the NDIS that gives eligible people with a disability a place to call home and also gives them funding for the services they need for daily living. 

SIL is most suitable for people with higher support needs who require assistance at home most of the time. Most often SIL participants live in a shared living situation with a carer available to them.

Some of the help a carer might provide in the home: 

  • Personal care 
  • Help with cleaning 
  • Meal preparation 
  • Routines 
  • Safety 
  • Shopping 
  • Transportation 
  • Independent living skills lessons 

How will you benefit from SIL?

  1.  You might improve your independence and your self determination 
  2. You could share your support and every day expenses with other people living with a disability so it is less expensive for you both
  3. You might be able to start living more independently 
  4. You could build new skills and meaningful relationships that are well supported

Where can you be living to get SIL funding?

  1.  Your own home, or a home your family has bought for you 
  2. A rental property that is managed through a property manager like Professionals Real Estate
  3. Public or Community Housing 
  4. Specialist Disability Accommodation 
  5. A home managed by a provider (like Croften Care) 
  6. If you are in emergency / transitional accommodation contact us for support

Where does it say if I have Supported Independent Living in my NDIS Plan? 

If the NDIS has provided you with SIL funding it will come under the heading of Core Supports. Supported Independent Living is also referred to as Assistance with Daily Life. 

If the NDIS has provided you with funding to live in a shared accommodation setting, there will sometimes be a portion of funds set aside as a ‘stated support’. This means that it cannot be used for anything other than SIL. 

How to include Supported Independent Living as part of your NDIS plan. 

SIL is most likely to be included in an NDIS Plan if you’ve set a goal of living independently and have been working toward it for a while. SIL funding doesn’t cover expenses like rent, transport, groceries, or other living costs though. 

If you already have NDIS funding or are organising your first NDIS plan, then you can apply for SIL supports just like any other service. This will be discussed at your NDIS Planning meeting. 

You will need to bring evidence with you that shows why you need SIL supports. This is very important. If you need help organising evidence to provide to the NDIS you can speak with one of the friendly team members at Croften Care to help you by calling us on 1800 319 858 or by email on  

SIL Vacancies with Croften Care

Croften Care SIL

Live independently in one of Croften Care's homes. They are fully furnished, you have your own space, support, care and many activities to do if you are interested.

SIL Vacancies
  • Assistance with Self Care

    Assistance with Personal Care might look like; someone you are comfortable with coming to help you with your daily self-care needs. If you want to maintain a level of hygeine and grooming but might be struggling to do this because of your disability, Croften Care can help.

    Find out More 
  • Assistance with Home Care

    Assistance with Home Care includes help around the home where you are unable to undertake these tasks due to your disability, such as assistance with cleaning and laundry, mowing the lawns and vacuuming the floors. We do love it when you can help us to help you though!

    Find Out More 
  • Community Access

    Social and community activities can increase your sense of belonging, connection and inclusion, as well as make you feel more confident and improve your sense of safety. You might just need someone to help make this happen, let us know how we can help.

    Find Out More 
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