Animal Assisted Therapy

Who doesn't love an adorable loving loving labrador? Their energetic, smart and friendly manner and love for people make them absolutely perfect for animal assisted therapy. Dogs and cats are the most common therapy animails but here at Croften Care we look to many different animals to connect behaviour and emotions to our every day lives. We have horses, pigs, lots of kangaroos, snakes, birds, chickens and more!

Having animals available to us in a therapy setting improves physical, social, emotional and cognitive function. Not to mention it helps us build rapport, increase engagement and motivation and allows us to connect without judgement. It is our favourite sort of fun with the people we support.

What are our options?

Croften Care work with pets and animals for therpeutic reasons in two activities that we offer:

  1. Animal Assisted Therapy which uses more formal, structures sessions with an animal and its handler to work toward specific treatment goals. 
  2. Animal Assisted Activities are where we take the people we support to different locations to interact with an animal, or many animals, and their handler for recreation, comfort or joy.

What goals can we work on?

We very clearly link our activities back to the goals on your NDIS Plan, this might be goals around increasing self-esteem, promoting verbal communication, developing social skills, improving our regulation strategies in different settings, increasing motivation for self care. The sky is the limit!

Mixing Animal Assisted Therapy AND Adventure Therapy

Let us take you on a mission of exploration to find and name animals and talk about nature and the way animals interact with each other. Let's get lost, find our way home, camp outside, cook on a fire. The adventures are limitless!

Group Holiday Programs

We release our Holiday Programs to our distribution lists as soon as we have finished running the term prior. We expect to have many days of fun filled adventures just for you!

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