Community Access

Social isolation impacts on your health and wellbeing (and not in a good way). If you want to participate, Croften Care coordinates a range of activities and day trips in the community to extend your social connections, keep you healthy and active and simply to enjoy life. Our activities are designed around your interests with other like-minded people.

Activities may include:

  • Sanctuary Visits 
  • Cleland Wildlife Park
  • Urimbirra Wildlife Park
  • Lunches & dinners out of the house
  • Attending sporting events and playing own sporting activities 
  • Shopping trips
  • Picnics at the Botanic Gardens (or anywhere else!)
  • Day trips to other local areas
  • Annual events like the Christmas Pageant
  • Attending theatres, musicals, art galleries, zoos and museums
  • Historical sites and buildings
  • Beach day and surfing lessons
  • Tenpin bowling
  • Karaoke nights

If you have a goal around being more independent we can tailor these activities to work on building your skills to catch public transport. You might want to improve your sense of safety and of stranger danger - we can make sure to tailor your day so we focus on the skills you are wanting to build!

Other activities we love to support are detailed below but if there is anything not listed here that you want support with - we love a challenge! Let us see if we can make it happen.


  • Sibling Support

    Often sibling relationships are strained by disability. Let us design a program that supports you to build on positive expereinces with your sibling.

  • Appointment Support

    We can help you manage all your medical and disability appointments. This might be help with recording in diaries and prompting to attend the appointment.

  • Transport Services

    If you need transport to an appointment and support while you are there, a support worker will be able to do that. We can take you on outings, or to see friends and family.

  • Exploring and Supporting Hobbies

    Is there something you love to do, or want to explore starting a new hobby? From horse riding, to minecraft and even knitting - let us know!

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We're Here to Help You

Croften Care brings together people who have the capacity to give and people in need, through the delivery of client centred, holistic and innovative services.

Whether you are new to the NDIS or your situation has changed and you need extra support, it might be helpful to chat to one of our friendly team. There is no problem too difficult for us to help you with. Please contact us by calling the number below or filling out a registration form by selecting the button below.