About Us

Croften Care is an accredited provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), providing a wide range of services to people living with a disability.

Croften Care meets people where they are, when help is needed most. We don’t shy away from the struggles of our community, providing emotional, physical and financial support with care, understanding and compassion.

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  • We are innovative

    We listen to our participants and come up with solutions that drive change. Croften Care deliver innovative work where others may not have the expertise or resilience to do so.

  • We are responsive

    We take care to notice when our participants and the people that support them really need us. This means that we prioritise you when you most need it.

  • We are empowering

    We are committed to participants achieving a sense of control and guide people toward more independence in their life.

  • We are culturally competent

    We acknowledge and celebrate the culture of each of our participants. Croften Care speak up when we see something wrong and do the right thing.

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